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                                  Transportation Services
                                     Terms and Conditions

All reservations require a deposit equal to ten percent of the total amount of the charter,
which is non-refundable.  Such deposits shall be due and payable upon receipt of the
signed copy of this agreement.  Any, and all deposits will be made prior to charter date and
must be paid via cash, check or credit card. Balance is due five business days prior to the
charter date.  If customer pays by credit card, customer authorizes F&M Transportation
Services to charge all amounts owed under this contract to the credit card number written
below with no further signatures or documents required.  Your signature below binds credit
card holder is the same as an actual credit card receipt.  If the balance is not received by
the due date, the charter will be automatically cancelled and the customer will remain
responsible for the full price of the charter.  If customer cancels a reservation within one
week (seven days) of the charter, customer will remain responsible for full payment of the
charter.  If any mechanical breakdown or other delay over thirty minutes occurs, other than
delays due to traffic conditions, accidents, or any unforeseen acts of God, customer will be
refunded that portion of the travel charges that relate to the period of time the vehicle is
inoperable and/or the charter is disrupted.  F&M Transportation Services shall be the sole
judge of the amount of time lost provided that the vehicle is not already booked elsewhere.  
Customer and customer’s party are expected to conduct themselves in a manner so, not to
cause any injury to themselves or third parties or damage to the vehicle; the customer shall
be responsible for the cost of repairing such damage with a minimum charge of $500 for
such repair and/or cleaning of the vehicle.  The decision as to the need for repair or
additional cleaning rests solely with F&M Transportation Services and its decision is final.  If
at anytime the charter service is terminated either due to unruly conduct of customer’s party,
damage to the vehicle, or abuse of any nature as determined by F&M Transportation
Services, no refund of money will be made.  F&M Transportation Services, in its sole
discretion, reserves the right to refuse service as it deems appropriate and also reserves
the right to charge for any overtime ordered/incurred by customer on the delay of charter.  
Such overtime, of charged, shall be in hourly increments at an hourly rate.  All other
charges, including but not limited to gratuity, shall apply to overtime hours. F&M
Transportation Services is not responsible for loss and/or theft in the vehicle at anytime.  All
vehicles are strictly non-smoking.  In compliance with CPUC Regulation Section 5384.1 and
3, consumption of alcoholic beverages by passengers under 21 years of age is prohibited.  
In addition, absolutely no kegs of any size will be allowed on or in any F&M Transportation
Service’s vehicle.  Must provide driver’s room if 24 hours or more.

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